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    Thumbs up motorcycle ride

    Anyone know where this ride is?

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    I believe it's in germany..

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    That looks like a total blast! Maybe they could build one at the PNE.......

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    sweeeeet.think they make that ride in red?
    squids........... where are the helmets?

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    It’s built by Vekoma, a German ride manufacturer.

    Did you know there is a ride manufacturer right here in PoCo. We just rebuilt Space Mountain, and are working on a new concept ride that will blow you away. It will have the ability to simulate almost any form of transport and travel.
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    that's pretty cool, where are the goggles though? Gonna hurt like an sob if they get a bug in the eye.
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    We should all go there in our leathers and helmets, lol! That would make a funny picture

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    They should make one where you can sorta lean the bike, or something. Remember that arcade game, Hang On? That was serious, man. Kids used to line up for a chance to ride that thing. I remember the older kids jerking it back and forth trying to break it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian
    That looks like a total blast! Maybe they could build one at the PNE.......

    Vote me in if they want to put one at PNE
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmustang
    Vote me in if they want to put one at PNE
    it'll probably break down every hour just like every other ride there.

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