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    Question Storing bike for winter

    Yesterday, I just got a 1993 ZX7R. I'm not gonna insure it or ride it this year, as we've already got snow on the ground. What needs to be done with the bike for winter storage, to be stored outside, in my shed? I've heard 2 different things to do. One, being, leave it full of gas and add fuel stabilizer, and run it once a month. The second, being, drain the gas, drain the oil, drain the carbs, pull the plugs and fill the cylinders with oil. That doesn't sound right to me, but I really don't know. Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I'm a newbie! Thanks!

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    Change your oil and put in cheapo, cheapo oil and a new filter. Ride the bike to the gas station. When you've filled it, put in stabilizer. Ride home.
    Once home, yank the battery and put it on a minder. Wash and wax the bike, pour/spray some fogging oil into the cylinders, then cover her up good. Leave it alone, DO NOT START IT until you're ready to ride for the season.
    When it's time to wake her up, drain the oil and put good stuff in. No need to change the filter. Put the battery in, fire her up. Lube everything, check everything over and you're ready to go.
    If you run a search on this topic, I started a thread last year with a link to this wicked Web site that lays out everything to do in the best order.
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    Read this:

    Congratulations on the new bike and welcome to BCSB

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