So the whole reason for me getting on a bike was to ride up to Penticton this summer with the boyz. Since highschool I've gone up to Penticton (5yrs) with the same guys, and last year, after one guy rode up on his own, me and another guy, said we would get our licenses and go up with him this year.

So last weekend we left on Friday morning, and did the ride. Since we wanted to get there as fast as possible, we hit the coke hwy, and booked it there. 3 speed traps, but no tickets, no warnings... hit my top speed, 190km/h, HOLY FAST! I dunno how you guys go faster than that....

We parked the bikes up on the strip (infront of our front door) where we were staying so all the ladies could check out the rides... trust me, it was a good idea!

On the way back, we took the Crow's Nest Pass. Wow is all I can say. Its a great CURVY road, but its not maintained as well as the coke, so watch out for the cracks.

I came out of one turn, and ran straight into a long crack that was about 3 feet long. I hit it doing around 120km/h, and hit a speed wobble. It was the first time ever, and I figured I was going down, when I remember to get the weight of the front end, so I gave it some juice, and the wobble went away. <phew>!

I think next time I'd rather do the Crows Nest towards Penticton, as its good to be a little more alert, then a weekend of drinking, and late nights.

Needless to say, getting a bike license, was definetly worth it, and the ride to Penticton was one to enjoy.