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    Hear the revs rising your ears prick and take note
    See the bike now passing the rider seems to float
    Watch the front wheel come up hear the motor growl
    Accelerating swiftly and you can call no fowl

    Feel the adrenaline rushing it’s time to serve right back
    Tap the accelerator and your throttle has no slack
    Keeping up the pressure as you ease the front brake on
    Back wheels in the air and you think your stoppies won

    Hear a rising howl and the bike has pulled in line
    The riders on the tank the form easy to define
    You know the bastards grinning as the throttle hand ignites
    The bike is on the back wheel and you know you have no rights

    The time has come to stop this to put this rider back in place
    Swing your feet across the bars as you pop up and keep pace
    You give a friendly wave to show the serve is on
    The other rider salutes the finger raised is long

    See the foot go back that bikes at 12 o’clock
    Drop your front wheel down that rider shore does rock
    Pull up at the lights the visers both fly up
    Look into her eye’s that girl just stole your cup

    hmm... yeah... thats what lack of a CBR does to you.

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    Welcome to BCSB

    ...and how exactly do you "Tap the accelerator"?

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    Mick doohan used to tap it when he couldn't turn it anymore

    He wasn't to shabby about it either

    (yeah I know thats cheap hehe


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    Sweet....good read...i like it!

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