opps, no more r6
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Thread: opps, no more r6

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    Angry opps, no more r6

    Well it happened on Friday july 12 at about 5:30pm, about 40kms out of Pemberton, in darcy. Adam(Endo) and i were on the way to lilloet. Going into a corner i hit a bit of gravel, the back end kicked out and the bike went straight up and off the road. The bike flipped into the ditch and i went flying about 30feet from where the bike rested. Lucky enough, i walked away with a few scrapes and bruises and a hell of an experience. There was a lady that was very kind in helping me by letting me use her phone and even her camera to take some pictures of the bike. She said that she would e-mail them to me, so when I get them I will post them.

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    good to hear that you're alright.are you gonna get another r6?

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    none at the moment
    were you wearing leathers ?

    good to see you're alright
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    glad you're ok...too bad about the bike though

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    yeah, glad to hear you walked away unharmed. post pics and let us know what icbc does. (i'm still waiting to hear back from them.)

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    I just finished reading about Anthony's crash...I click the next post ...another crash...I am logging off after this.

    Glad to hear you made it.
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    good to see you ok, you must have been wearing full gear

    ps wanna sell the bike as is????
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    where exactly was this? d'arcy isnt on the way to lillooet. but there r corners both on the way to d'arcy & on the way to lillooet that have sent me into gravel induced tailwhips.

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    How many people have gone down so far due to gravel in the road? I would think that by now we would have learned to take it easy on unfamiliar roads until we are certain they are clear. I do not really care how many bikes get written off, but I am just worried that sooner or later someone is going to get seriously hurt when it could have been avoided with a little care.

    But if your bike is written off, what are you going to get? That is the one good thing about an accident like that, you get a fresh start and can pick a new bike again.

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    glad u r ok too bad about the bike though. all the best with your recovery and ICBC claim. good luck buddy.

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    This is a classic example of why you should ride a stretch of twisty road first at a sane speed. Once you've gone through it once, go back and do it hotter. Blindly honking through a strecth you haven't been through in a few days/weeks is begging disaster.

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    Wut's with all the accidents lately?
    Anywayz... glad ur ok..

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    Good to hear your OK

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    I was wearing partial gear, a jacket, gloves and boots and of course a helmet. Dont have riding pants yet.
    the location of the accedent was about 20kms past the sign to turn right to go to lilloet, and the lady that i got help from said that we were in d'arcy. i think that the road was Portage rd.
    The thing that sucks the most is that I wasn't rippin it up or trying to show off, it was just a bad reaction to a bad situation. Maybe if I layed the bike harder into the corner even with the gravel, i could have possibly came out ok.

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    I think im going to look for an 02 R1, and or maybe a new 954RR.
    Not sure have to wait and see what icbc says. I had my bike insured for 12,000.

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