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    race r6 for sale

    99-01 r6 with lots of extras:
    ohlins front springs
    ohlins rear shock with remote preload adjuster
    ohlins 916 style damper
    full akro Ti system
    adjustable rear sets
    14/48 gearing with x ring chain
    ebc race pads
    nrc covers
    frame and swingarm sliders
    flexi-glass race body work

    spare front forks (2002)
    spare wheels (with d208s, rotors, bearings, spacers and sprocket)
    spare clip ons (stock)
    spare levers
    spare chain and sprockets
    extra bent front wheel (with good rotors and spacers)
    extra bent front forks (with good lowers and new seals)
    full set of race bodywork
    spare rear rotor
    spare upper and lower triple clamp
    2 spare rear shocks (stock)
    2 oil filters

    I think thats all I have, but there could be more in the garage. The bike is fast straight and true. It is a blast to ride, but I think I want a twin for next year. It is a race only bike and cannot be insured. Asking $6500 for all of this obo. If I don't get a reasonable deal, then I'll race it again next year.
    P.M. me if interested

    Will consider selling the bike on it's own, but not the spares until the bike sells.

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