98 CBR600 F3 Speedometer
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    98 CBR600 F3 Speedometer

    Hey guys,

    The km's clicker on my speedometer has stopped working. I looked in my Clymer manual but it talks about a cable from the front wheel hooked up to the speedometer. But I haven't found this wire. Researching on the net, I have found that mine may have a sensor. Please let me know what should I do if I have a sensor thing attached to mine. Should I pull out the whole instrument panel, disconnect it and connect it again. Where do I find this sensor exactly? Thanks for your help.

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    If your speed reading is still working but not the odo then it's in the mechanicals of the guage. No way to fix it I'm afraid. Or at least it's not easy. The odometer is a little motor driven deal inside the cluster and works off the signals that drive the speedo needle. But if the speedo is dead as well then you can do something about that. Likely the sensor or the related wires and connectors as you suggest.

    The older models used a mechanical drive cable off the front wheel. If they went to an electronic sensor then the pickup for that is almost always on the front sprocket cover by your left boot.
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