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    handle bar mount bolts

    I was replacing my clutch and brake levers when I noticed two of the handle mount bolts are rusty (don't know if they have a specific name) . One morning a few days back they were rather loose, so I tightened them down thinking nothing of it. I took some pictures to better show their condition.

    Couple of questions. What are these things called? Are they a standard bolt or am I best to go straight to BK (it's kawasaki ex500)? Maybe something from HomeDepot will do. Wanted to ask here so I at least know what I'm asking for. Also, maybe someone has extra ones which they will sell me.

    Here are the the four bolts

    I don't trust the rusted ones. Specially since they already came loose.

    In case I'm not explaining which bolts these are. They go here and bolt the L shaped handle bars to the bike (can you say newb)

    feel free to mock me for the dumb question.

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    Clip-on clamp bolts? I would go to BK to ensure you get the bolts made of the appropriate material. Didn't these have caps over them on the EX500?

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    Yes, there are little plastic caps which fit into the allen wrench holes.

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