video crd,fishtank,satalite crd
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Thread: video crd,fishtank,satalite crd

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    video crd,fishtank,satalite crd

    Just in passing if anybody had any of these I'd love to deal.

    Ive got a P4 but the video card sucks so if anybody has one they might want to sell and or looking for a gig - ish ram...

    looking for a tank 90 gal on the low end and as big as they come on the high end lol , with or without pumps and goodies...

    I'm from toronto and cant seem to find somebody HERE to do my direct tv card, willing to go with an open bell expressview or dishnet...

    feel free to pm me if u have any of these for sale or know somebody who does.. thanks in advance

    cash or as partial trade for my 04 Honda Fiddy.....

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    bump *still looking...

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