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    Sea to sky...

    New to riding, but love heading up along the sea to sky to squamish etc... anyone thinking of heading up in the next few days leave a post. (i live in west van.)


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    don;t have any plans right now but if you name the time i'm up 4 it... IF YOU WANT TO GO YOU MUST COME UP WITH DETAILS, most people here are like sheep (ok, ok super sheep ) if they see a time and date they will sign up...

    also add the date time to the sticky thread by "KO7" : Need Fellow Newbies to Ride With (first one up there)

    LET's DO THIS!!!

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    holy crap man, red on grey don't mix well my eyes are hurting now.

    $waz: Read for more information on how to make "want to ride posts".

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    I also live in west van. Just say when/where.


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    I'm in N.Van so I'm up for a run to Squamish or Whistler any day of the week. When/where

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