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    Camping on a bike

    I am thinking on doing a camping trip during the aug. long weekend. Anyone know of good places to go?

    There needs to be a lake that i can fish at and there has to b fairly good roads to get there.

    Please give me some Ideas on where to go.


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    How far do you want to travel there are good campinjg spots in the okanagan.

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    I figure I want to do about 12 hours travel time tops. Also some where no so so busy. I know hard to find with the weekend I picked but that date is not set in stone.

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    u should come to sportbikewest. excellent roads and well organized by Owen. beautiful trip gettin there also. we do the whistler-lillooet-lyton-spences bridge-merrit-kelowna route. beautiful (well, except the last bit which is fast 4 lane highway. nice views but boring riding)

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    Freek, no lake though right?

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    kelowna sits right on a rather large lake actually. dont know if there's a lake right on the campsite tho. the trip is more for the riding than fishing or anything mind u. definitely THE western cdn rally to attend tho. for info

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    No lake at the site but Okanogan lake is only 10 minutes away. Fishin' sucks though.

    Unless you use a dead cow as bait for Ogopogo........

    And a big ol' for hittin' the open road for a couple of days.

    Camping is the second best thing you can do on a motorcycle...... well, maybe the third....... But the first best thing doesn't involve starting the engine.......
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    Well from vancouver to peachland witch is in the okanagan takes about 4 hours and back another 4 a total of 8 hrs and there is a Lake right next to the camp site..well you wouldhave to walk about 10 feet across the road. There is also a creek rightnext to the campsite. I kno a few people that catch alot of fish there. But peachland is pretty small place i liv here not much to do here but it is fairly busy 2.

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