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    Question I was just wondering...

    I just got bored and typed this but how many times have you dropped your bike before you kinda got the hang of it. If u did drop it where and was it while driving, turning, etc......

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    Once in a parking lot. I credit that to Action... it would have definately been more if I hadn't had experience with their smaller bikes.

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    Haven't dropped my bike, yet. For those that have gotten the hang of dropping your bike, please do tell us what the secret is
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    ... the secret is to let it down slooooooowly

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyedoggerz
    Haven't dropped my bike, yet. For those that have gotten the hang of dropping your bike, please do tell us what the secret is

    Try standing on the ground while riding at slow speed...guarantee to drop it everytime
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    I dropped my first bike 4 times.

    The first time was when I stopped on a hill and couldn't reach the ground because of the slope. I broke the right mirror on that one. The second time was during the same evening when I was still depressed over the first drop. I was backing my bike in to park it between my car and a wall. I slipped and broke the left mirror off against my car!

    The third time I dropped it was when I stalled my bike while practicing U-turns in a parking lot.

    And the last time I dropped it was while cleaning the chain (without a stand). While moving it forward to clean the next section, I didn't notice that I accidentally knocked the sidestand slightly back. When I bent down to clean the chain, the bike fell on me.

    Oh wait... there was a 5th time. I slipped on some grease and lost my footing as I was moving my bike out from my parking spot while straddling it. I tried to let it down gently as I rolled away but the handlebar end pinned my pinky to the ground. After about 10 minutes, a neighbor luckily came by to help lift the bike off my finger...

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    Never dropped my bike. If you're careful, it won't happen.
    Lowsided it once, but fortunately, it was at race school and not on the street.
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