1987 SUZUKI RG 250cc. IS UP FOR SALE TO A GOOD OWNER..............
The bike is an inline twin cylinder liquid cooled 2-stroke rocket. It has a 6-speed transmission. 22 000 kms and runs excellent. New tires and a full micron exhaust with silencers. The bike is very very fast and light. ICBC insurance rates are extremey cheap!!! I even have the original manual!!! The bike has been dropped a few times and the fairings do have some scratches and cracks, but thats to expect from a bike of this era. I have painted the whole bike a pearl white colour and looks not too bad.
The price is a very reasonable $ 1600.00 FIRM!!! please don't waist my time if you don't have the cash.
There are many different aftermarket fairings that will be able to fit this bike with slight modification, check out airtech fairings website.
email me at mattatpmtc@hotmail.com or call me at (604) 570-0910 for any info. Thanks, Matt