OMG so much fun!
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Thread: OMG so much fun!

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    OMG so much fun!

    I got my pocket bike last night. then i had to go to work from 9am - 4pm today. so i was so anxious waiting for 4pm to come. then i got home. filled her up. had some trouble starting it. it didnt start wen the choke was on so i just turned it off then after awhile it started up. then as i was reving it on the stand i started to freeze! i was staring at the bike and how loud and fast it seemed. so then i turned it off. then wen i decided to give it a second shot i wasnt sitting on it wen i started it up with the choke off. i was hold on to it with 1 hand and it went up to like 8000rpm. but i stil held onto it. then finaly i got the balls to start her up and push off. and i noticed it wasnt even that bad. so i went for a rip around the block. i probly topped out at 40-50. GOd it was a blast!!! i wanna go out again but its raining and dark

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    I think minithunder gets together sometimes to race at the go-kart track out in Tsawwassen. I've been looking into getting a pocketbike but there's nowhere to run these things except in neighbourhoods and parking lots =)
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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