URGENT, Ignition help.
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Thread: URGENT, Ignition help.

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    URGENT, Ignition help.


    I am looking to buy an older Yamaha, a 1985 YAMAHA SPORT 250CC to be exact, the bike is only up for $900 o.b.o. but I might offer more since there is someone else looking at the bike. I am curious if any of the guys here who work in a shop know how much a new ignition would cost. It needs one. And also, is anyone free to come check it out with me tomorrow if I go? LOL I will check back on, answer quick please.


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    I think I paid $75 for a new ignition for my FZR and I installed it myself, that might give you a rough idea.

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    Alright, it seems like it shouldn't be too big of a problem. If I get the bike I will just try and find an ignition somewhere. So, this thread has turned into who wants to install a Yamaha ignition for a case of beer, lol!

    Thanks, Mike

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