I ordered new Givi bags (E360) and a Wingrack II to go on my VFR. The bag looks amazing, it's a very good match to the stock (grey/silver) colour. When I ordered the Wingrack, they asked whether I wanted it in Black or Grey. I didn't even know they made it in Grey, but since that might match the rest of the bike I said sure.

It turns out the Grey is a kind of pukey greyish-yellowish colour, and it's a rough matte finish as well. It's a horrible colour match to the bike. It really looks to me like it's just been painted with primer, so you could get it painted to colour-match to your bike later.

I briefly debated returning the rack for the black one instead, but got to thinking that painting an already primered rack couldn't be that hard (heh...). So what's the best way to coat this? Is it possible to powdercoat a metallic grey paint, something that sort-of matches the stock colour? Or would regular spray paint be a better choice?

I've done a search here already, and found Apex Finishing in Burnaby, and Rainbow Powdercoating in Coquitlam as options for powdercoating. I'll give them a call later in the week. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who could paint them conventionally?