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    Rememberance Day

    I've always had a problem with this day. Once you get out of school it seems hard to focus on spending a moment or two on the day remembering why we have some of the freedoms that we do.

    Anyways, I've found this website I thought I'd share. It's the Canadian Veteren's Website.

    Has a lot of neat stories or sacrifice and bravery and points out some induviduals that stand out.

    (is a link to some stories).

    One to look into (and search further if you with) Is Private Ernest Alvia Smith.

    "In Italy on the night of 21st-22nd October 1944, a Canadian Infantry Brigade was ordered to establish a bridgehead across the Savio River. The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada were selected as the spearhead of the attack, and in weather most unfavourable to the operation they crossed the river and captured their objective in spite of strong opposition from the enemy.

    Torrential rain had caused the Savio River to rise six feet in five hours, and as the soft vertical banks made it impossible to bridge the river no tanks or anti-tank guns could be taken across the raging stream to the support of the rifle companies.

    As the right forward company was consolidating its objective it was suddenly counter-attacked by a troop of three Mark V Panther tanks supported by two self-propelled guns and about thirty infantry and the situation appeared hopeless.

    Under heavy fire from the approaching enemy tanks, Private Smith, showing great initiative and inspiring leadership, led his P.I.A.T.(1) Group of two men across an open field to a position from which the P.I.A.T. could best be employed. Leaving one man on the weapon, Private Smith crossed the road with a companion and obtained another P.I.A.T. Almost immediately an enemy tank came down the road firing its machine-guns along the line of the ditches. Private Smith's comrade was wounded. At a range of thirty feet and having to expose himself to the full view of the enemy, Private Smith fired the P.I.A.T. and hit the tank, putting it out of action. Ten German infantry immediately jumped off the back of the tank and charged him with Schmeissers and grenades. Without hesitation Private Smith moved out on the road and with his Tommy gun at point-blank range, killed four Germans and drove the remainder back. Almost immediately another tank opened fire and more enemy infantry closed in on Smith's position. Obtaining some abandoned Tommy gun magazines from a ditch, he steadfastly held his position, protecting his comrade and fighting the enemy with his Tommy gun until they finally gave up and withdrew in disorder.

    One tank and both self-propelled guns had been destroyed by this time, but yet another tank swept the area with fire from a longer range. Private Smith, still showing utter contempt for enemy fire, helped his wounded friend to cover and obtained medical aid for him behind a nearby building. He then returned to his position beside the road to await the possibility of a further enemy attack."

    If you have a moment, there's a huge amount of information on this website. And if you're like me and rememberance day doesn't seem to feel to you like it should... this might help.

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    I'll be attending the local Remembrance Day ceremonies in Mission in about 45 minutes. Of course, I'm working it so the people who are too lazy or unmotivated to make the effort can read about it in next week's paper.
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    We must remember lest we forget the horrors of war, the sacrifices of our fathers and theirs, or how lucky we are.


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    I'm sure that many of us had fathers, grandfathers and other family or friends who fought in the war. I did. And I couldn't be more proud of them for serving our country, and aiding our allies, in such an honourable way. Each year I've made a point of having my own moment of silence to remember and thank those who fought for us.

    Lest we forget.
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    hey i beat that wargame, it was fun......the tanks are a biatch tho, damn spawn campers
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    I go every year, rain or shine. I enjoy it.
    Thanks for the info.
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    Well, until we got royally screwed by the weather this year, I was planning on leading a formation of 9 airplanes around the lower mainland and over many of the cenotaphs to commemorate the men/women who lost their lives while flying in the various conflicts.

    But we got fogged in completely at Delta Airpark, where we were starting out. Three of the group who were starting from Boundary Bay managed to get out, but 15 minutes late. They did the flight as a group of three, which was less impressive but still in the spirit of the day. I was content to stay at the Delta Airpark service instead, which was well attended.
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    I go to the big ceremony downtown.

    It's impossible for us to even fathom the sacrifice that these soldiers gave - the dead and the living. The horrors that they witnessed, the fear and terror that they felt, and the courage they displayed. The soldiers killed in action were spared a life of memories of terror. The soldiers who survived will take those terrible and haunting memories to their graves. These wars defined who these soldiers became. Let us hope we have better events to define who we become.

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    Another year, another few parades down....

    But many should remember that WW1, WW2, and Korean vet's are not the only ones. There are countless Canadians who have sacrificed their lives on numerous peacekeeping, NATO missions and still do to this day. Maybe that guy who is 20 something that just came back from Afghanistan deserves a minute of memory too..........

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    I went to Ladner. Got cheered as we marched down the "main drag" from the legion to the memorial. Made me feel pretty good. It was a great day to remember.

    But what took the cake was the little kid that came to me while I was standing in formation. He came to me, took my hand and asked if I was a soldier. I proudly answered that yes, I was serving my country. I was feeling the moment, it felt great to connect to the next generation. But then he asked me why I wanted to be a soldier and die at war. I was kinda dumbfounded and didn't really have a good answer for him. Little bastard was malicious from the start. Whatever, we had a good laugh about it later on.

    Another great thing was somebody anonimously gave us $200 towards our tab at boston pizza after the parade. Then BP said they would cover the difference. We left a pretty big tip, cause we all felt pretty bad about it. But oh god did we enjoy it. Thanks to BP and whoever forked up the $200, all 25 of us had a really good time...

    Again, it was a good day to remember.
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    The ceremonies downtown were well done and very well attended. A large number of veterans was on hand, a large turn out from the local military, cadets and any spaces left were filled with civilians. It was very well done and the parade down Hastings was lined with cheering citizens for a number of blocks. It was refreshing to see.

    In reflection, I read Mike Campbell's article this morning, about how the Canadian Military and Canada in general had been at the peak after WW2 and how we've declined since then. In proof, A CF Aurora was supposed to do a fly past but instead all we got was the usual (and thanks to them) 80+ year old trainers flew by civilians. The 15Th. Field Artillery Regiment rolled by and I swear that every piece of equipment was older than all the people working it.
    We have some of the best servicemen and women in the world and their patriotism and dedication is immeasurable, considering our government sends them out with nothing.
    Sorry this turned into a rant.
    Bless them all.

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    Rememberance Day is the last holiday that has not been commercalized. For this, I am thankful. This holiday should NEVER be commercialized. It is a time we remember all those who fought for their country. Whether it was the right side, they fought. Soldiers are usually pawns. They sacrifice their lives so that we may live freely. They sacrifice their lives so that others may live freely. In a time where rock stars and movie stars are heros, this is the day of the year we respect the real heros of the world.

    While I would never join the armed forces, I respect the soldiers for all they have done. They do the dirty work that many of us would never want to do. May those who have fallen rest in peace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miraclejoe
    . But then he asked me why I wanted to be a soldier and die at war. I was kinda dumbfounded and didn't really have a good answer for him. Little bastard was malicious from the start. Whatever, we had a good laugh about it later on.
    The answer always is "so you bitch ass doesn't have to grow up being fucked by a nazi, MOTHER FUCKER!!!!"

    I was in Ladner as well, but working. Saw the 4 planes fly overhead.

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    today was a good day, ohh and guys! guess what ! i might be going to iraq!!! ( yes im 18 and in the army ) not a good thing, but somebodys gotta do it

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