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    Unhappy 6 months today

    Its been 6 months today since Dawson was killed on Willingdon @ Burke,on his new Gixxer 750, blue & white, still no witness and the police file is still open, this is really hard on us his family, someone out there knows something or saw something. Please think back to May 11 @ 6:50am and try to remember. It would be a great Remberance Day for us to get some closure.
    Also early Happy Birthday Ryan, "Dawson" would have been 25 years old on Monday Nov. 15...we love and miss you.
    All you guys riding out there RIDE SAFE & WATCH OUT FOR THE CAGERS THEY 'DON'T SEE YOU'
    Written by Dawson's family....never a day goes by that we don't remember that call and the 4 police officers walking up to our door May 11/04 --Please think of your family when you ride.

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    Thank you for that post...

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    I am sorry for your loss......

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    I live a block from that intersection and I make that same turn almost every day. While I wait for the light I read your signs and I think about my own mortality and my family including two small kids. At that point I'm almost home, I know I've made it safely and I promise myself that tomorrow I'll be even more careful.

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    Mrs. Dawson,

    Tears are coming to my eyes again. Wow.

    I drove by there the other night and I thought of "Dawson" and you guys.

    I've also had thoughts of him becuase the U19 Womens World Cup is being played in Thailand right now. I will never get that photo of him on the beach out of my head. What a nice way to remember him.

    Thinking of you often and none of us will forget,


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    be safe

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    none at the moment
    Ride In Peace Dawson
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    I hope someone remembers something so there can be some closure for your family.
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