Exhaust Question Between Devil pipes and Yoshimura
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Thread: Exhaust Question Between Devil pipes and Yoshimura

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    Exhaust Question Between Devil pipes and Yoshimura

    Hey guys, I'm planning todo some work with my bike for the new year and one question that I am having a debate with is between two different types of fart cans. I have an f4i and I have come down with two choices for my bike, either a carbon fiber Yoshimura highmount exhaust.
    And for my other choice I like the look of the shotgun pipes with the Devil Carbon fiber Shotgun high mount

    My question to anyone who has experience with any of these pipes is: What would he better choice be?
    P.S. I know the first Pic it's not a Yoshi pipe, however that's what it would look like.

    -Thanks for the time
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    Stay with a Hig mount and single pipe. The duals look funny. When I was looking at the picture, I thought that it was blurred.

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    I saw a silver F4i a while back with the Devil shotgun and it looked nice. If you want a slightly louder can then go for a metal can like Ti. There is a difference in the resonance. Metal is louder.
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    I think they both look nice and yes the metal cans are louder when you compare them
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    I have the devil shotgun setup on my 929 and I love it to death, simply because it is not your everyday standard bolt on can, I like the fact that it is unique.

    check out my photos I have some of the cans posted there.

    the quality of the devil system is first rate and I have absolutely no complaints, nice sexy deep sound and not too loud at idle and when cruising so as to draw unqanted attention.
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    Depends how loud you want it. My Yoshi isn't obnoxiously loud at idle, but sounds great opened up. The Devil cans I've heard sounded louder.

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