Made in Canada for the US Market
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Thread: Made in Canada for the US Market

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    dont worry ..i m positive it will be priced for the top 3% who can afford it.

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    don't those top 3% have people to drive their shit? I want to be one of those people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamen rider
    Heh... people have enough problems on the ground with their driving without crashing into each other! The mid-air collisions should be interesting.

    Still, I want one!

    It would be more interesting if the bike was carrying fireworks in the back seat/trunk
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    Saw that in the news this morning but I was still stumped by the British Avcen Jetpod, flying taxi thing that they say will be made soon. Just a couple of observations:
    It's an auto gyro so there's nothing really revolutionary in the technology.
    Lawyers in the US have killed a whole lot of the small, recreational aircraft biz, and I don't think this will be any different.
    Just looking at it, the rear wheels look a little too close together for good stability.
    This thing is 70dB and although that's pretty quiet, it's still just a big leaf blower and you know how the whiners bitched about those.
    The one thing that would make this illegal to use is power and telephone lines.

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    Just what I've always wanted!
    An overpriced crappy, slow bike and an overpriced crappy slower airplane!

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