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Thread: Doohan and Ukawa Replica 4 Sale

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    I have 2 brand new helmets 4 sale, only available in Japan:

    Arai SNC SIGNET-RR Doohan Replica (L 59-60)

    - same design as RX7-RR4, but with "Structural Net Composite" construction (i.e., lighter, stronger and more expensive than RR4 if you could buy it here)

    - see for info and use to translate into English (sort of).

    Price: CDN$875 (includes extra tinted visor)

    Shoei X-8RS Ukawa (Orange and Silver) (M 57-58)
    - somewhere between the SPIII and the X-Tec

    - see for info

    Price: CDN$750 (includes extra tinted visor)

    Email me if your interested:

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    Heads up

    Beautiful Helmets, but you know that cops don't like it that much if you don't have the DOT or SNELL stickers on the back.

    I tried to get mine in Japan too. Sucks!
    Back on the saddle.

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    Is it legal to have one that doesn't say DOT approved?

    Cause I would be real interested in the Shoei.

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    DOT Snell

    When was the last time you heard of someone getting their helmet checked by the cops?

    There is a SNELL sticker on the inside of the helmet and everyone knows that this standard is way tougher than DOT.

    Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.

    I'm in Europe right now, but will be back the middle of August. If you need the helmet earlier, I can get a friend to get the helmet for you.

    Email me back directly at

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