This is the story on this car. I bought if off of a guy cause I thought I would fix it up and have a cool car, but the truth is I don't have the ability to fix it up and got in over my head. So the car is an '85 BMW 318 and needs alot of this and that to get it back to normal. I was told the engine was rebuilt 3yrs ago and has a new clutch. It is aircared unti March '05. I am driving it back and forth to work right now but I'm going to take it off the road this weekend. Oh, and for you football fans, I bought it off of Grover Covington so you could have some bragging rights. I want $700 which is what I paid for it. Fix it or part it out, it's up to you but........BUY IT!!!
PM or call Brent @ 604-590-0919