fast idle when warming up
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Thread: fast idle when warming up

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    fast idle when warming up

    any 6th gen vfr owners notice when first starting bike it runs higher rpm.
    my temp has to get all the way up to 85deg before it comes down to normal, it also seems to be connected to clutch switch when in gear, kickstand up temp about 60ish idle will be 1300 hot idle set at 1100 but if you let the clutch out sightly rpm will go up to 2200 depending on temp could be slightly higher or lower till bike is running at 85+ deg pull clutch back in rpm comes back down
    mech at the dealer not sure if it is normal or not doesnt have much exp with these models
    other info 02 25000 k no mods
    any advice or input would be appreciated thnx

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    My 02 has a very high idle when cold as well in the 2200 rpm range. I also find that the idle goes way up when I refuel it with fresh cold gas as well.

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