Alpinestars jacket/pant zipper
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Thread: Alpinestars jacket/pant zipper

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    Alpinestars jacket/pant zipper

    I have a Alpinestars TZ-1 jacket and I am picking up some pants. I figured I would get the Alpinestars Bat Pants or the Track Pants. Both of these zip into the jacket to form a 1 piece....sort of.

    Does anyone use an Alpinestars jacket and pants and zip them together? I am looking to hear from people that have done this or know about it at all.

    Has anyone tried either the Alpinestars Track Pants or the Alpinestars Bat Pants? Would like to hear some info on them.

    Any input is appreciated.

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    i have alpinestars tz1 jacket, and the bat pants

    zips together fine. pants are ok, somewhat uncomfortable break in but ok after that.

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    I have the Dyno and the track pants and they are great. I've read that the track pants are more comfortable, plus you get pucks!
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    Track pant

    The track pant is the same basic pant you would have got if you bought a TZ-1 two piece race suit. If you want this level of protection and also the sliders then it is the one to get. If you are looking for good protection but more street orientated look at the bat pant.

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