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Thread: 6 piston RADIAL CALIPERS

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    6 piston RADIAL CALIPERS

    so it was bound to happen ,i remember seing 8 piston standard mount calipers, a yr or so ago,and they never really took off .You gotta figure if Rossi and the rat pack are using those 4 piston radial mount NISSINS and BREMBO's for yrs and they are pushing 200+hp and going over 200mph before they grab a handfull ,they would have figured out a long time ago if a 6 piston was better than 4 .I say its a passing fad.Ort maybe something to look forward to if the big boys adopt the technology .You cant go to much further than a GP BIKE as far as ground breaking unimagined TECH marvels ,although im sure they will .What are we to expect in the yr 2020 ? hydrogen powered jet cycles with atomizing flux capacitors ? How far is it gonna go in the bigger is better ?

    PVM has designed and manufactured an innovative 6 piston 2 pad radial mount caliper. This caliper with increase braking performance via increased pad area. It has been designed to be a bolt on upgrade to the OEM calipers supplied by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. These calipers should be in production and available by the end of January 2005. The retail price will be $1449.00 each.

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    It's a good way to get $3000 out of a power ranger for no discernable (to him) increase in braking power. Pose value only.

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    there was testing on a CBR 1000 in europe recently and it may just be the next thing.FAr too much for anybody of this earth

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    Definatly not poser, posers show shit off....no one will know that you have these till you brake 20 ft later in the turn and blow right by em!...those r sick....just way to much money at the moment....!

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    just remember that the moto gp bikes have carbon pads and disks.....if they had 6 piston calipers....just the wind pressure on the brake lever would send them over the bars....haha

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    1500 US....per caliper

    Not on my bikes thx.

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    My entire track bike isn't worth what ONE of those calipers costs....
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