New 20 spoke PVM's
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Thread: New 20 spoke PVM's

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    New 20 spoke PVM's

    Im sure youve already seen this SSBLADE ,so good thing you didnt order those 10 spokes i guess hUH ?lol

    JUst about at the wire wheel level for SPOKAGE .MAkes an old 3 spoke look plain as hell

    This is the fourth generation of forged wheels made by PVM following the general trend towards FEM calculated wheels. While maintaining the weight reduction achieved in the third generation of design of the 10Y design, attention was turned to a new and exciting visual design. PVM has captured the essence of this with the design of the 20 spoke wheel. This design should be in production and available by the end of January 2005.

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    I'll stick with my spinners...
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    Sweet. I wouldn't want to be the poor fucker who cleans 'em.
    What was it all about?

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    i just ordered my ohlins soon as the 900 sells i'm buyin those 10y spokers.

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    my favs are still the 5y wheels..mmm, tasty!
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    Radial pattern spokes. I can't figure this out. Pure radial spokes like this transfer the driving and braking forces from the hub to the rim via pure bending forces and put a lot of strain on the metal. The three spokers get around this by being a large cross section hollow design. Some of the others use an angled offset style to put the spokes under compression and tension loads. Like these Marchesini wheels...

    I know there's a fair number of wheels with radial spokes out there these days but I always cringe a little knowing how much bending forces are at work on those little spokes.... And through the bending and winding up as the spokes bend the high tensile forces on the metal of the spokes.

    I know they are all tested and engineered to withstand the loads but from a purely technical viewpoint it's not a great way to utilize the metal.

    ..... or am I just being jealous that someone is getting them....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hu99
    Sweet. I wouldn't want to be the poor fucker who cleans 'em.
    yeah, i hate even cleaning my 3 spokes
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