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Thread: Misc Magazines/photos ($1 ea?)

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    Misc Magazines/photos ($1 ea?)

    Ok, here's the deal. There are NO pictures. I will not take pictures. Don't ask for pictures. These magazines are going in the garbage if you don't want them. Here's the list:

    Sony Style (Fall 1999; Premier Issue) [J. Lo on the cover]

    Source (April 1998 No 103) [Snoop Dogg on the cover]
    Source (January 1998 No. 100!) [LL Cool J]

    Maxim (Dec 1998) [Yasmine Bleeth on the cover]

    Import Tuner (Sep 2003) [Sandy Jordan/350Z]
    Import Tuner (Feb 2000) [Sasha Singlton/Civic]

    UMM (Spring 2003) [Monica Bellucci]
    UMM (Winter 2002) [Salma Hayek]
    UMM (Summer 2003) [Lil Kim]
    UMM (Summer 2002) [Halle Berry]
    UMM (Winter 2003) [Girls of Canada]
    UMM (Fall 2001) [Canadian Rising Stars]
    UMM (Summer 2001) [Xenia Seeberg]
    UMM (Spring 2001) [Trish Stratus]
    UMM (Spring 2002) [Kathryn Humphreys]
    UMM (Spring 2004) [Pamela Anderson]

    All magazines are in good condition. No tears. They are not warped.

    Cost? 1 or 2 bucks is fair. I will not hand deliver unless you meet me somewhere mutual. I can mail them at cost. You pay for shipping. I will give a quote. Want it simple? Just buy me a can of coke or something and it's yours. Shipping not included.

    8x11 photos

    These photos were picked up at the auto show. Still in good condition. Take it or I chuck them in the garbage.

    1996 Dodge Viper (red with yellow rims)
    Plymouth Prowler (purple)
    1997 Dodge Avenger (black)
    1997 Acura NSX-T/Integra Type-R (car picture is small. White Integra/Yellow NSX)
    1997 Dodge Viper (blue with white racing stripe)
    1999 Civic Sedan SE (silver)
    1999 Dodge Viper (black)
    2000 Honda S2000 (silver)
    1999 Plymouth Prowler (2 cars on the track; yellow follwed by purple)

    8x5 - 1996 NSX-T (red)

    If you want me to mail the pictures, I take no responsibility over how the postman delivers it. You pay for how it is shipped. Hard envelope costs more.

    After 1 month, they are gone. In the garbage.

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