Anything around Kamloops and Interior?
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Thread: Anything around Kamloops and Interior?

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    Anything around Kamloops and Interior?

    Are there any street bike events in and around Kamloops and the interior or do we have to go all the way to the Coast to see or do anything related to racing or bike shows or anything other than Hot Night in the City?

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    There was a bike show and shine / get together the weekend before hot night in the city this last summer. Jim and Ryan put it on with prizes and a good time. It was at Zacks and they are going to try to make it an annual event. There is a group of us that get together every Sunday in the summer and ride. As for the winter the only events that I know about are the Vancouver Motorcycle show Jan 15-17. Other than working on your bike on the down time of the season.

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    Down the Coquihalla??

    Just kiddin. Only been livin in Loops for just over a year, so none that I'm aware of. Keep your eyes and ears open or just use Search

    Two tracks are planned for the area, Cache Creek and Merritt possibly opening up next year.
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