Funny voicemail, answering machine messeges?
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Thread: Funny voicemail, answering machine messeges?

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    Funny voicemail, answering machine messeges?

    In my job I have to call lotsa people, so I get to here some funky voicemail, today I almost lost it when I had to talk.

    Took out his name for obvious reasons,

    "(kid's name) Fuck Yea!, saving the world from the motherfucking day yea!"

    there's been countless more, when i crack up leaving voicemail, but they don't stay up there very long...What's the best voicemail messege you guys have heard??
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    "Would you like to leave a message? I would because I'm Winston Churchill.
    Would you like some crumpets? I would because I'm winston Churchill".
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    You should call my cellphone if you want a good laugh. PM me for the number, AMRAGEDDON!

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    Mine says: "Hey, what's up" *pause* "Who's this?" *pause* "Alright, leave me a message then!"


    People always talking to my voice message they get all pissed off! Some girl called me today, she's like "Hey, is this really you..." I was like "WTF who else would it be" She's like "Oh, I was just making sure I always get tricked by your stupid message"....LOL
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    I've had a few good ones.

    1.One was just the shortest recipie I could find in a cook book; I had repeat calls to get the whole recipie

    2.You hear the standard message to leave a message but half way through it sounds like my wife picks up the phone and answers only to tell you to leave a mesaage.

    3.It sounds like I've answered the phone but you can hear loud music in the background. I say " Hello.....hello? Just wait I'll turn down the music,..... Ha ha leave a message"

    I pissed off lots of people with those. The funny part is that I got some people more than once.
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    we had this one where all the roommates and i were cracking up. everyone who left a message was cracking up too. it was awesome

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