cheapest place for my next mod's
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Thread: cheapest place for my next mod's

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    phantom menace

    cheapest place for my next mod's

    were would be the cheapest place to buy a pcIII, graves v-stacks, and a bcm filter from ??

    thanx in advance,...

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    We can beat his prices! I carry Graves

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    phantom menace
    Quote Originally Posted by gixxstar
    Competition eh? There ya go. Post up how everything goes.
    i'v pm'd mosquito for a price quote ....

    i need the # for m-speed for there quote....

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    Just a warning all. Any appearance of online bidding or price warring between dealers will be deleted instantly. It's in NO one's intrests to get into price warring between local dealers at a site that is supposed to be supporting those very dealers and the users. It will do nothing but cause hard feelings between all and cheapen the communitiy.

    And this thread is dangerously close to the line.

    I totally support shopping around but please do it individually by phone or PM's and not on the public forum. Similarly follow up message indicating that PM's have been sent are indicative that there's such bidding taking place and so any of those will be deleted as well.

    It's fine to post and ask who has what available and for guys like Mossquito or MSpeed or 5thgear or Stykman or any other BCSB supporter to reply that they do or can get it but that's where it should end and be taken to the PM system with no further reference to handing off messages that make it appear that there's a close door competition running in the public area. With that in mind I've deleted Mosquito's last post and will delete any similar indicators of quotes from anyone else.

    Fair enough? I hope you can all understand what this is about and how it could get ugly in a hurry if it was allowed to grow. If any of you have an issue with this PM me or present an argument to the contrary here in nice language. I'm sick with the flu and would not respond nicely to any $#*)@... OK?
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