It's a small small world.
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Thread: It's a small small world.

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    It's a small small world.

    This guy and girl go out on their first date and have a great time. During the date, the girl tells him she doesn't even kiss on the first date but on the second date, it's no holds barred. A few days later they make plans for the weekend to have dinner at her house with her parents then go out.

    The day of the dinner, the guy goes to the pharmacy and buys some jimmies. The pharmacist sees he bought a few and comments that it looks like someone's going to have a good time. The guy says he's going to be doing the nasty all night long with this chick. The pharmacist suggested maybe to buy a few more and wishes him luck as he leaves.

    That evening, he arrives for dinner at the house. Eventually they gather around the dinner table and the mother asks this guy to say grace. He bows his head silently and they wait.. and wait..

    The girl whispers to him "I didn't know you were so religious".

    The guy whispers back "I didn't know your dad was a pharmacist"

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    Sounds like the story of my life :P - Where the Island Comes to Play!

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    BAH! That's hilarious ... i can relate to this ...
    My Photo Gallery!

    R.I.P. Danimal

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    Been there, Done that!

    But, she was a first year and her dad was my Physics prof. at UBC!

    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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    that's slick, I'm going to use that everyday

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    hahaha....awesome! Me = Likey

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