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    Dyno Tuner

    i just bought a power commander. can anyone suggest a good dyno tuner?

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    There are no good ones locally.
    I can give ya the name of a place in Oegon if you wanna go that far.
    I also here there's a decent one in Wa too, but not sure where.

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    Does Future cycle do that type of stuff? I know they are primarily American chopper kind of shit but the have a pretty good dyno set-up.
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    Vally Pro Racing. Graham Buck is the ownwer. Look him up in the phone book or at
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    This might be a noob question but why not just get some premade PC maps for your bike instead of dynoing it (unless you REALLY want to customize your bike).

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    It's always better having your bike custom mapped......you will get more power than a generic map will give you if you have the right tuner.
    Future Cycle is deffinately not the right tuner........they may know HD, but I've heard from many they're not even good with them.
    I didn't think Gary did much custom mapping, I can only find on his website that it says portable dyno evaluations.....nothing on mapping that I can see.....could be wrong though.

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