For sale is my SE T310 cell phone along with the original SE camera.
The T310 is unlocked.
The T310 is a Tri-Band color world phone. It has an infered connection so you can download ringtones to your phone.

It comes with the phone, charger, handsfree headset, box, and the camera.

Price is $100.

Just a note that this camera is the newest version it has digital zoom as well. Since there are 2 version this is the better version.

I am located in Burnaby BC. The condition is very good as you can see in the picture.

The camera that's included with this phone is the model: MCA-30
The MCA-30 got a good picture quality.

Feel free to check out this link and see the quality of the both the MCA-20 and MCA-25, by that you will know that MCA-30 will be even better.

MCA-20, MC-25 review