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    This is to advise all new rides who are buying a bike. I highly recommend that you get a Lien check and an ICBC report before purchasing. From my just past expereince, the seller indicated that the bike was paid in cash, and had no lien. I paid $80 for the report and it indicated that the bike has a lien, a collision, and total theft. I am upset that the seller did not mention any of the collision / theft. So buyer beware!
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    I once bought a car that the previous owner had no idea was ever in an accident until I put the car up for sale a few years later.
    He never did a check when he bought the car and neither did I because I was a noob and I took his word.

    Sometimes when a seller says "no accidents" he's might be only telling what he knows, even if a vehicle has been in a wreck.

    3 things to do with a used vehicle ALWAYS (costs about $160)

    - lein check (especially if its newer)
    - mechanical inspection WITH compression test
    - ICBC history
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    Unless you know the person, and sometimes even then, you should at the very least check to see if it is stolen.

    Same thing when selling a bike, get the money before handing over the keys and no test rides! No checks, no promises to pay, no part payments. Money in bank before handing over keys.

    Seems like every bike I've sold in the last few years has resulted in somebody trying to rip me off...and the bikes were great deals!

    One bike I sold I told the guy he could get $1G more for it if he sold it in the summer, when he sold it for $500 more was surprised, even more surprised when someone else said he would have paid $500 more than that if he'd known it was for sale. The buyer thought I was lying about the value of the bike and didn't even bother to check it out himself. For some reason he thought I was somehow at fault for him not getting more, sheesh.

    Cash, as is where is, is the only way....otherwise buy a bike from a dealer. Thats the only easy way cover all the bases and often get some kind of warranty.

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