my bike got stolen
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Thread: my bike got stolen

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    my bike got stolen

    I have a '98 Suzuki TL1000R. Sometime between Friday night and Sat night it got stolen. I don't really know how. It had a disc brake lock on it and it was in secured covered parking. This is particularly bad as i don't have it insured for theft. Such is life. However, I am going to do what i can to get it back and am going to take a personal interest in seeing them suffer.

    The bike itself is easily destinguishible. It is blue and white, with polished Two Brother cans on it, integrated rear signals and flush mount front signals. The rear lense is clear. The right side fairing has some heavy scratches on it. Any of you guys who work in bike shops or just happen be to cruising around, please keep an eye out for any used parts or the bike itself. Used parts are hard to come by on this thing. I know because i have tried to find them myself.

    It got stolen from the area of 96th and 120th in Surrey. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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    Post a picture of the scratches if you have one. Might help the identification. I'll keep an eye out, commute near there 5 times per week.
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    Sorry to hear about the theft.

    But secure covered parking never is. If anyone but you has access to the area then it's not secure and you should have full insurance coverage on it. Even private garages get broken into and basically if you don't think you can afford to loose the bike then it should be insured regardless of where or how it's stored.

    An expensive lesson for next time.
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    Holy crap have there ever been alot of rip-offs lately. Sorry to hear about your bad luck.

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    Sorry for your loss but how can you not have it insure for theft , it's not like it's really expensive ?
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    I'll be looking as well. Sorry to hear. I gamble on the insurance thing too and I know what it's like. I hope that you get it back soon and safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutcracker
    Sorry for your loss but how can you not have it insure for theft , it's not like it's really expensive ?
    I have a different theory on thought with this one. Theft coverage doubles the insurance rates I have to pay. It all depends on what type of bike you own really. I roughly figured out that in 4 years of paying for theft coverage and with paying a deductable in the event of a theft, it works out to about the same cost as the depreciated value of my bike. Sure its a gamble and not everyone wins, but its a risk i'm willing to take. If i insure my snowmobile, truck and motorcycle all for theft coverage, ICBC makes a pretty penny off of me and I won't have it. On that note, I do take extra precautions to secure my toys and thats enough to let me sleep easy at night...

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    Sorry to hear about your bike. Post some pics and Ill keep my eyes open in the interior.

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    YA that sucks to have your bike stolen. But you have to get was like $200 for 6 months of piece of mind.

    p.s. I'll keep my eyes peeled....I'm in Surrey too.
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    i think the last thing the guy wants to hear right now is how he should've insured it. good luck finding it.

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    I'll keep my eyes open too......that sucks big time dude.
    This shid has to stop!!

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    Sorry to hear.

    Death to thieves.
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    dude... I know your pain. good luck getting it back

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    Bummer...I'll keep an eye out for ya.
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    Sorry to hear that man. The TL was my favorite too and hard to replace. Hope this will be a sad reminder to others to get a better lock,,,specially if they have no coverage or park in "sEcUrEd" garages. Good luck! Try not to let it bum out your holidays

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