I hope it's okay to post here...

I need a favour for any racer out there. I need one of those cool racing tents for the weekend of January 8. Specifically, January 8 and 9. I'm organizing a bunch of volunteers at one of Vancouver's Christmas Tree Chipping sites.

The Christmas Tree Chipping is just that. We take your old, real , Christmas trees and grind them to bits. Okay, so we don't actually handle the machinery. This is a new site in Vancouver. It's at the parking lot next to the Kerrisdale Ice Arena. A bunch of us will be there to direct traffic and take the trees off the cars and SUVs and out of trucks. Donations of cash and food accepted. Cash goes into trust before being donated to various charities.

Here is the problem, we need a tent. Minimum 1, best if we can get 2. Not the camping variety, but the open ones so we can easily go in and out. If you have one we can borrow, we can give you advertising on the tent only. This is similar to, "tent donated by...". If you have one you can donate for said weekend only, please send me a PM. If you can volunteer, drop me a PM. We need a lot of extra help. The more help, the better. This is a rain or shine event. If you drop me a PM to volunteer, tell me if you are scared of the rain. I know I am... but that's only on my bike.

I can also provide more information regarding either the tree chipping or the club I am in.