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    Wild Bike!

    Not Sure if this is a Repost or not, but it sure is cool.

    American made Moto GP Contender???

    Looks very advanced.

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    Always good to see more competition......but I don't know about contender. I'll believe that when I see it. They've got a lot of R&D catchup to play.

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    Sweet Meat.....that bike iz stellar!

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    i think its ugly. But i guess a good looking bike doesnt win you championships. I'd like to see how it fairs on the track.

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    I concur with Mike. It will also be very interesting to see if they can swing a big name rider, too.
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    That looks pretty sweet. New technology is always interesting. I don't understand the benefit of the engine design though, seems like the crank is split so that the two halves rotate in opposite directions? How does that reduce gyroscopic forces? They don't cancel, you still have to rotate each half...

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    They are breaking a lot of new ground with this one. I suspect there's a street version in the making as well. Why else try to re-invent the wheel and package it in what is undeniably an atractive and very technically interesting package.
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    Why are bikes always photographed in this 'in ya face' style? There are lots of shots where I can see how well their cnc mill cuts parts, but they're pretty shy about showing us the whole bike without using a fun-house lens and a weird angle... are they not sure that it actually looks good?

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    In the Las Vegas video, the bike sounds great.

    Pics for those who haven't done a search already:

    Some write up as well from another forum:

    Last week I was out at PIR during a trackday and came upon an incredible
    prototype racebike that is be developed right here in Portland! A three man team headed by Michael Czysz has plains to bring this bike to production--WHOW...

    The bike just bristles with innovative enginering ideas.
    When I first spotted the bike it had the fairing and gas tank off which clearly
    displayed the inline 4 cylinder engine configered like an old Henderson 4 except that it turned out that there are two
    heads mounted at a slight angle (perhaps 10 degrees?) running two seperate cranks counter clockwise to each other--which I assume acts as a counter balancer.

    The transmission is underneath the cranks and uses a dry clutch mounted at thefront of the engine. With such a narrow frontal area 2 radiators are being used, one in the front and a secondary unit in the coweling behind the seat.

    Unfortunatly I didn't have a camera with me in the mourning but blasted back
    to the house at lunch break and returned only to find the bike fully faired and a discussion going on with a Cycle World reporter, Michael Czysz and Rich Oliver (AMA multi-250cc GP champ). Rich had been out on the track
    on a Motoczysz modified YZF-R1 that was using the Motoczysz front fork which isusing a shock-spring unit mounted between the 2 forks.

    The photo's that I'm posting were taking on the sly after everyone had left to
    watch Rich out on the track so I apologize for the poor angles:

    Some other features are a carbon fiber frame and swingarm plus much , much

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    looks like if you twitch u'r right ankle the wrong way..."joo is gunna be sorry mang."

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    Hmmmmm, swingarm pivot and countershaft are in the same place. Is this done on any current MC engine? I'm guessing that would help out with tuning the chassis.

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    Michael Czysz has had this dream for a long time. He raced OMRRA for years starting on a Aprillia RS 250 and then the RSV. He's very well off and seems like a great guy. Lot's of folks around the world are trying to develop MotoGP prototypes but few have the innovation of Czysz. It will take a lot of funding to make enough ponies to compete but it just takes 1 billionaire or corperation that shares his vision and it can be done.

    Best of luck Micheal.
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    There is a complete article on this bike in the latest Cycle World magazine. It looks like a very interesting concept bike. He has apparently used a GSX-R 1000 motor, sawed it in half and turned one pair of cylinders 180 degrees. People that can envision this type of thing and then make it come to life are really fascinating. You certainly need the bucks to even start on such a project but the idea has to come first. Hopefully he will find a sponsor who wants to bank roll the risk.

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    I think this bike is hot, If I had some cash and some skill I would buy one.

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