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    exhaust help

    i want to put a stubby single exhaust on my vtr. real stubby like 8'' or so, right where my two header pipes form the y. im sure this will move the power, no big deal. are there any negative effects on performance, tunability, or reliability with pretty well open exhaust?

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    Yes, it'll run like crapola unless you tune it with a jet kit. Then it'll still run like crapola except at the very top end. At that point you'll be making enough noise that you WILL be busted.... unless you're at the drag strip in Mission.

    The engines are tuned to get the best real world power with SOME backpressure. Sure stock systems have too much but an open pipe like you suggest is way too far the other way.

    You do NOT want to do this other than for a lark. Take your mufflers off and just run the bike to see what I mean.
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    hahahah hey jeff why you gotta bite my style. i had to ride the old 900 to my new place with no can and a demo plate and fuck it was the sweetest sounding bike i've ever heard in person. i'm gonna ride the gixxer with no can next year-only on the long rides though. v-twins are a lil more picky with what you do to them though.

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    You must not have a very high regard for your hearing.
    My Yoshi's were loud enough....

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    kind of like the mcm exhaust
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    makes me think of the day i experimenting taking the mufflers off my 78' CB400 twin. sounded like a harley with drag pipes at idle, sounded ABSOLUTELY HORRID above 2000 RPM, and made a HUGE dip in low and midrange power and didnt feel any stronger on top end either.

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    I think the site is www.mcmcustom.com for an example of one
    So much work & so little time!!

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