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    Stupidest Criminal...

    Nothing is funnier than a stupid criminal, right?

    There was a case where a burglar fell asleep on the bed, in the house,
    with the couple whose house he was robbing. It sounds crazy, but it's a
    true story. The folks at The Smoking Gun are having a funny award for
    this year's "Stupidest Criminal", so I thought to start a thread here
    to see if there were any good stories out there that we can submit to
    their editors (long-shot but hey, you never know!!) In case you want to
    check it out the show (it's called The Smoking Gun Year End Special),
    it's going to air thisThursday night, I believe at 10pm. These guys
    can be pretty hilarious so it's worth taping in case you aren't going
    to be home.

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    best one ive ever seen is when some dude was robbing a store and he put his rifle on the counter to grab the loot and the store owner grabbed the gun and chased him away .That was priceless all on tape too .Prob came back a week later with another stolen gun and blew him away .but the first time was funny .lol

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    there's a lot.

    if u want jay leno on mondya night, headlines, they have some funny ones..

    a guy was trying to rescue his buddy from bail and didn't have any money so he went to the police station and said " i have 2000 dollar worth of meth, can i bail him out?"

    pretty dumb....
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    Buddy goes to rob cigarettes from a 7-11. Walks up to the counter, produces a weapon and makes his demands. Dunno why but the clerk had the balls to ask for ID.....bewildered, buddy pulls out his DL and LEAVES it on the counter when he takes off with a few cartons.

    Then theres the time when would-be bank robbers LINED UP with their ski masks on.....and this was in the middle of summer.

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    Or the guy who tried to rob a bank by putting F$%^ing whipped cream on his face outside and then proceeded to wait in line. it started falling off his face. HILARIOUS!!!!!

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    or the dude that tried to smash through the new bulletproof glass at a convenience store with a cinder block. Big flouresecent stickers, Caution: smash proof glass installed. Threw the block over his head, the block bounced off and gave the crook a concusion. Cops found him unconsciense (sp?) on the sidewalk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boarder
    Cops found him unconsciense (sp?) on the sidewalk.
    unconscious ..i think..

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    the one on max-x television show where the guy gets beat on by two middle aged ladies. One smashes a bottle over his head while trying to rob their store.
    Or the guy who robed the bank and tried to hide his identity by putting a clear plastic bag over his head.
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    I read once that a guy snuck into an RV park and tried to siphon some gas. But he stuck the tube into the sewage drain. The cops found him puking in the bushes.

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