5th gear motorsports guy!!
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Thread: 5th gear motorsports guy!!

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    5th gear motorsports guy!!

    Hey sorry...I think your name is Billy but I'm not sure. My name's Kyle
    You said you have ramps and such down there??

    You also said something about insanefmx?

    That would mean you know Chris Nolan and Morgan Kaliszuk??
    Anyway I just wanted to know if you offer ramp plans through your company or if you know anyone in Canada that builds ramps. My granpa is a welder and I got ramp plans from Rick Distler ( yes..father of THOSE Distler's) but I think I'd feel safer almost doing it through a shop rather then building it myself and with my grandpa.

    Anyway I hope to hear back from you and thanks for the response.
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    The guy who owns insanefmx is Denise 1 604 504 1565 he builds ramps. The one he made for me was a copy of Andy Bell's who I also bought a portable ramp off of. Denise just recieved some new plans for a different ramp that he wants to build.

    Denise has done alot of trial and error over the years. It's amazing what just a few angles make it is quite a science. When you get a ramp built just right there so easy to hit.

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