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Thread: swap possible?

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    japanese vt250 integra

    swap possible?

    is it even worht thinking of fitting a 500v4 in from an intercecptor to the very similar vt250vtwin ?



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    I measured up the VF400 frame to see if the VT250 engine would fit. It did,
    but there was a lot of empty space.

    The VF400 and the VF500 are NOT identical. Lots of differences around the
    same platform. It should be a pretty easy thing to measure the mounting
    point distances and compare to the VF500's since there's so many around
    still. Call around a bunch of shops and see if someone's got a used one for
    sale you can eyeball and tape measure.

    The VF500 also had the square section frame, and if the VT250 you have is
    the same as the ones I looked at, it was a round section frame.

    You could always see if Bill at 5th gear would take it on as a winter project,
    and weld up appropriate mounting brackets for you.....

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    A large V4 into a smaller and narrower Vtwin frame.....

    Well, if you have access to the bits and pieces and know how to use a tape measure I suppose you could measure it all up but I seriously doubt this is going to work.
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    Back in the day.......fitting larger engines or at least much more powerful engines creates other problems. One case I knew ended up with extra gussets on the frame and a new swing arm.

    Check to see where the engine sits when the sprockets line up. Shouldn't be too much different between those engines but if it puts the engine too far off centre it might not be worth the effort.

    Of course on the other hand in might be, afterall that would be cool bike when done.

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