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    Seattle Gear?

    Does anyone know any good bike shops in seattle. Iam thinking about going there around christmas time to buy my first gear for the summer "helmet jacket etc." Is it worth going down there just to buy gear? Is there a better selection and is it cheaper? I would be taking ther ferry from Victoria or driving, would i have to worry about duties (hehe never been to the states before"> Anyway any comments would be helpful. Thanks all

    Oh by the way do you guys think it is worthwhile to buy boots if you plan only to ride on the street and never really hit the track


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    Welcome to the community. It's very friendly, and welcoming.

    Now that you're here, you may want to introduce yourself to some of the local shops. (No, I'm not a shop owner. Nor made of $$. But I do get along with many of the locals.)
    Before you think about the $X dollars for travel/ferry/lunch/dinner/time... consider a 'howzit' to some of the Vancouver shops.
    If they can't hook ya up. Then maybe shop south.

    Also consider, you may need to come to them to help fix a bike problem/issue... etc. And you may as well have the realtionship established.

    My $0.02. Love-it or hate-it.

    edit "Yes" to some form of high-side boot!

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    If you have the time, I'd suggest coming down for the motorcycle show this weekend. I have heard that there are going to be a lot of new vendors this year. Depending on what type of gear you are looking for, you should be able to get some good deals due to the large selection.

    More details on teh show here,

    If you can't make it down for the show, visit Seattle Cycle Center, Renton Honda (RMC), Ride West BMW (BMW prices), or Cycle Barn. These places probably have the best and largest selections in the Seattle area.

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    Go to the bike show this weekend. I am hitting it up Sunday, hope I can find a cheap lid !!

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    There are always some great deals at the Seattle show (quite the contrary at the Abbotsford Show).

    Yes, there will be duty unless what you purchase says made in USA on it which rules out just about everything these days. All items are subject to GST and PST. I don't know what the duty is on riding apparel but helmets are only 8% (if I remember correctly).

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    the exchange rate makes it pretty worthwhile. Just remember to calculate the difference when you claim it at the border.
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