Night before Christmas (remix) (repost?)
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Thread: Night before Christmas (remix) (repost?)

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    Night before Christmas (remix) (repost?)

    Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season!

    Twas The Night Before Christmas, and in the garage
    The motorcycle slept, not a Chevy, nor a Dodge
    The helmets were hung by the cycle with care
    In anticipation of the first warm Spring air

    After tucking her away, I got into my bed
    While visions of twisties danced in my head
    I laid on my pillow, fell asleep in a snap
    My motorcycle safe away for a long winter's nap

    When out on the street was a rumbling sound
    Eight shiny bikes, whose tune shook the ground
    Riding behind was a sole rotund rider
    A jolly ol' elf... rather, a jolly Streetfighter

    When I looked over to him, he appeared rather fuzzy
    He sat astride a ride, with a fine carbon Muzzy
    His helmet was white, and his leather was red
    Black shiny boots with a deep rubber tread

    Each bike had a nameplate, red paintjobs were slick
    The name on the big guy's bike read proudly: "NICK"
    He looked over at me, putting a finger on his nose
    He dropped the race clutch and the front tire rose

    He exclaimed "Merry Christmas!!" with 8 riders before him
    I couldn't believe it, though I'm happy I saw him
    He twisted the throttle and rode out of sight
    Happy riding to all, and to all a good night!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year All!!
    Reformatted to fit your screen.

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    none, till the boys are older
    Very well done
    "...than I'll be done and we can dance.."

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    Only the strong survive.

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    That rocks, even better than the snoop dogg and nate dog remix

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    motorcycle slept....are you kidding not more then eight hours i hope.awwww
    went for my ride today.twas a good read.

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