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    Possibly A Stolen Bike

    My girlfriend and I were driving along Kingsway heading to Metropolis at about 4:15pm when we spotted a Blue and White GSX-R in the next lane to our left. I sort of mentioned to her that its odd to see someone riding in this type of weather right now in rush hour traffic. So I said for her to get the licence plate and just write it down just in case. She started to read out the plate and noticed that it was Expired in October 04. So she called the Police non-emergency line and gave a description of the bike looked either like a 600 or 750. As I stared at the rider I noticed that he might have not had a visor, Black and White jacket meant for the summer blue jeans and white shoes, which all seems odd to be wearing in this crap weather. Anyways he seemed nervous always looking around and after that just weaving in and out of heavy traffic. We tried to follow him for as long as we could but he always managed to stay 4 or 5 cars ahead of us and when we spotted him again just out front of Metropolis we tried again to follow him, but lost him somewhere between Willingdon and Boundary along Kingsway.
    I should have gotten out and just walked up to him before because there was no where for him to go when we were stopped just to make sure. I forgot to mention that when we gave the plate number to the cops they said it didn't match the description of the bike. If it happened to be that it was just someone trying to get their bike home using another plate I am not sorry if you get caught because too many of us have had their bikes stolen and if there is a chance to help someone get their bike back in one piece then i'm happy. Also the bike had an aftermarket pipe and white frame sliders as well.

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    Good on ya for lookin out!

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    Good spottin' I suspect it was someone trying to move their bike to some storage or shop or something. I can't see joy riders stealing a bike in this crappy weather.

    Mind you it's supposed to be nice this weekend. Perhaps the scumbag was just thinking ahead and stole it tonight to save himself the Saturday morning rush?
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    Great for looking out Glen. When i read the title of the post I thought for a second that your bike got stolen. hopefully it's not another stolen bike, there's been way to many recently but it does seem a bit fishy.
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    Good job Glenn you should be a cop not a bus driver

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    That means that this guy is driving without insurance if the bike belongs to him.if you told the cops that this guy is dangerous on a bike weaving in and out of traffic without insurance,they would have checked him out right away within minutes if you've called 911 instead of the non emerg number.
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    i was riding with my friend to imperial and bby kawi. i saw the guy too, he was on a gsxr1k.

    its raining, i was wearing summer gear. it wasnt raining that bad, it was just sprinking mist. it was decent for winter riding today =) wasnt that cold either.

    we saw him go past us on royal oak. he was heading towards metro. he waved at us too hahaha

    i was wondering why i saw a gsxr1k out in the misty rain, anyone with a bike like that woulndt ride in the rain, would they?

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    Good for you Glenn. I don't think I would be insulted at all doing what you did.
    It's good that you noticed all the little things a regular rider would know.
    You never know. Maybe one day it will be my bike you spot....
    Be Happy for this moment.... This moment is your life.

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    sure why not
    good for u Glenn if my bike ever get stolen pray to god that it wont knock on would im hiring u to help find it good job

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