Ever have one of those days....
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Thread: Ever have one of those days....

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    Ever have one of those days....

    Ever have one of those days when you wake up after having a horrible night's sleep because you were up coughing half the night, and then you go to work anyways instead of calling in sick, and then when you get there it's so insanely busy that you just wanna pull your friggin hair out, and you can barely speak because your throat hurts from coughing so much, and customers ask you to repeat yourself because they can't hear you (thus causing further throat pain), and you only have enough time on your break to go buy some cough syrup and eat a small, yucky lunch (meanwhile thinking "FAK" because you left last night's yummy leftovers from Earl's in your significant other's fridge), and then you end up having to stay late after already being at work for 9 hours because the person taking over for you is late, and then when you go shopping to get TWO things you need to get, the store is sold out of BOTH (bastards), and you miss your bus waiting in line at the store after picking up some other things instead, and then when you finally get off the bus you slip and fall on your driveway which is icy because your lazy roommate didn't shovel it two days ago when you asked him to and the remaining snow froze after partially melting during the day?


    Aaahhhhhh, that felt good.

    Anyone else have a BAD DAY story to share?
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    ya.... today i was still drunk from last night......rough........guess its about that time again.
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    no actually the fiancee and i had a great weekend
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    That's what you get for working at Convergys.
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