zx6e 2nd gear problem
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Thread: zx6e 2nd gear problem

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    zx6e 2nd gear problem

    i was on www.zx6e.com looking around cuz im thinking of buying a zx6e and noticed they have problems with 2nd gear often..im wondering if the zx7 has the same thing... and if anyone knows about this problem if they could tell me what its caused by ie bad shifting etc. that would be great thanks alot

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    I had a 92 zx7.......and never had any probs with the tranny. I had the bike about 3 years.

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    I owned a ZX6E and it was a great all rounder. Good for touring, commuting and canyon carving too. Racing with it was a little wallowy =).

    I had it up to about 50,000kms before I started noticing that the 2nd gear was a little crunchy. At a stoplight, putting it into first gear was pretty notchy and shifting up was difficult if you didn't use synthetic oil, or were running with older oil. Traded it in for my current TLS so I don't have any feedback after 50,000kms.
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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