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    Computer to TV

    Mini qbic computer system all set up with video card ready to attach sat dish and run svideo to your tv. $1200- Ready to go..

    I bought it awhile back selling it moving soon been flawless for me for a year now. Records and everything..

    Bonus for anyone to get i have sold off 6 of my computers in the last 2 months, cannot move them all will start all over again.

    Above system has warranty papers from NCIX in town.

    System broken down:

    -Qbic mini soltek amd system Nforce2
    qbic specs
    -2500XPM chip
    -2x256 pc3200 ram
    -200gb Seagate HD
    -DVB card twinhan 1020A card
    -ATI 8500LE 128MB card svid and dig out
    -Remote control for the DVB card once hooked up to TV
    -mini in retail box papers all accounted for and ready for pick up
    -Windows XPpro with extra progs

    hold ~ sold
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