FS compressor CAMBELL HOUSFELD 5 hp 125psi
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Thread: FS compressor CAMBELL HOUSFELD 5 hp 125psi

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    FS compressor CAMBELL HOUSFELD 5 hp 125psi

    CAMBELL HAUSFELD serious duty COMPRESSOR, 125 max psi made in USA . year and a half old since new ,i used it for painting for a few weeks ,, but it ran it too long so i got another (not to bad for HVLP gun if its small panels ) .runs air tools and perfect for home shop .ALL it needs is a presure regulator switch ,i removed it to replace after i broke it bumping into a wall and never got around to it ,the power cord and motor cord are still attached ,should be able to get a relay/pressure switch for $50 ,60 bucks or less.Uses regular 110 wall socket .wind up hose carrier ,air filled tires and pretty quiet .
    $300 OBO
    from CH

    "Serious Duty
    Campbell Hausfeld designed their Serious Duty line of compressors for frequent use on the farm, automotive garage, or job site. These units run at a relatively quiet noise level and provide up to 2,000 hours of operation. "
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    sold ,that was fast

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