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    Computer for Sale


    I wish to sell my computer as soon as possible. Following are the specifications.

    PC Chip 8310 CL AMD Motherboard
    SD RAM 256M PC-133 Memory
    Panasonic 1.44M Floppy Drive
    30G ATA 7200RMP HardDisk
    Integrated 8MB-32MB Video
    ATX Case 17" W/250W PS
    3D PCI Sound Card Built-In Board
    180W Speakers
    10/100 Network Card Built-In
    Key Board
    PS2 Mouse w/wheel
    45 ft Networking Cable
    17" Samsung 753 DF Monitor
    "CD ROM not included"

    Every thing is very mint, and excellent working condition.

    Every thing comes with original boxes.

    Price: $275

    Contact Immediately: Muhammad (Burnaby) 604 298 7327
    (If not available, then email me at, with your name and number, and i will get back to you).
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