UPDATE: Bike not starting
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Thread: UPDATE: Bike not starting

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    UPDATE: Bike not starting

    '82 Honda CB750SC Nighthawk

    So we got it started!! After weeks of not touching it (no time) my buddy decided to toy around with it one day and pulled the carbs out, then tossed them back in. He put some fuel in the air filter, cranked it and it fired up right away.

    So what the hell? It runs like a champ now. The idle problem was just the idle adjustment screw (that before we had no idea existed). So again today we started it up, starts first time. It needed a bit of assistance at first as it died out on its own. After that it wouldn't start again, so out came the air filter and in went some more fuel. Fires up right away again.

    Is that some sort of problem? Otherwise, I don't really care that much, it runs again and we're happy!!

    Thanks again guys@!


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    Sounds like your choke or enrichener circuit isn't working. Is the choke cable OK and adjusted properley? Like can you look down at the carbs and see something moving when you move the choke lever on the bars?
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    sounds like your pilot jets are clogged. pull the carb and clean them.

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    Believe it or not, it runs brilliantly now. Starts up fairly well every time though initially seems like it's on 3 cylinders, the 4th kicks in during warm up. It all went well.

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